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Trick or Treat!

Halloween is so fun! Who doesn't love seeing all the kiddies dressed up looking adorable as they parade around the neighborhood as Darth Vader, a Fairy Princess or your favorite Minion? But let's be honest, Halloween can also be stressful for parents who don't want their children to consume copious amounts of sugar, chocolate, chips and other processed foods. There are also many children out there who have food sensitivities that prevent them from endulging in the foods that typically fill up their halloween loot bag! Every child should have the opportunity to go out trick or treating. Here are a few tips from us to help you out!

Treat "Alternatives" To Give Out

Food alternatives can be hard to find and expensive. You can try to find popcorn that comes in a snack size (of course we would recommend a GMO free option) or snack size treats such as Annie's crackers or gummy treats. This can be a pricy option, but it's still a healthier option especially for those kids with sensitivities. If you know there are kids in your area with these sensitivities have a few of these treats on hand. I am sure their parents would appreciate it!

There's a lot of great non-food "treat" options available that you can hand out as well. Check out your local dollar store for some inspiration. There are many options to choose... pencils, crayons, colouring books, stampers, stickers, hot wheels, yoyos, bouncy balls, playdoh, costume jewlery, stuffed animals.... and many more!

What To Do With All the CANDY?!?

After your kids come home with all their loot, it can be a dilemma as to what to do with all of it! Most parents do not want their kids on a sugar high for the next few weeks. (And parents - all that sugar isn't so great for you either!) This is where ideas like Switch-Witch have become very popular with parents. I love this idea!

The 'Switch Witch' is a friendly Witch you hangs out in your house for a few weeks before Halloween (similar to Elf on a Shelf). On Halloween night, each child is to leave a pile of their candy loot that they do not want and the Switch Witch comes that night and exchanges it for a little present. This idea is especially great for kids with sensitivities that can't have any of their candy treats!

Remember, a few candy treats won't harm you but keep it in moderation for you and your family!

Whatever you decide to do for Halloween be safe and have fun!

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